We Made It!

Eaternity 🎄Crowdfunding – More awareness for our nutrition!

January 31, 2021

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Codecheck release!

Almost exactly one year ago we sucessfully finished our Crowdfunding campaign with WeMakeIt! with 485 great supporter. Thank You! Since then we have been hard at work. We have calculated over 50’000 carbon footprints and released them together with our great partner Codecheck here: Climate Score

Food Poster

Also, we send out your rewards. One of them took especially long: Our Food Poster. Iteration over iteration we pushed the symbols, redraw them and sorted them. That is why we want to make it available to everyone and build this website. Feel free to just download it, but also feel free to order it and support us along the way.

Great thanks to you and the many supporters. Especially those who helped create the poster, including:

  • Václav Šísl
  • Aurelian Jaggi
  • Orwa Alkatheeb
  • Simon Greuter and the Verein MIR
  • Yana Noskova