Eaternity attends World Climate Summit 2015 in Paris.

Campagin '#COP21 Reduce emissions in Paris' goes life.

November 13, 2015

Eaternity attends World Climate Summit 2015 in Paris. image

Eaternity will take part at this year’s UN climate conference in Paris!

With our „App’etite for Change @ COP21“ campaign we would like to raise even more awareness for the fact that almost one third of the CO₂ emissions is caused by the food supply chain and the way we eat – and present solutions for how to eat climate friendly and how to support a CO₂ emissions reduction actively.

Several scientific studies show that behavior, lifestyle and culture have a considerable influence on energy use and associated emissions, with high mitigation potential in some sectors, in particular when complementing technological and structural change. Emissions can be substantially lowered through changes in consumption patterns, adoption of energy savings measures, dietary change and reduction in food wastes. Eaternity will help to get an better understanding of our food’s influence on the climate change.

Besides raising awareness, we want to reach more well-known players to get further support! With our knowledge in zero-food-waste menus we could help restaurants, caterers and cooks in the whole world to reduce CO₂ emissions and to become active climate saviors.

demonstration On 21. September 2014 more than 300’000 people went on the streets, in New York alone - we build on this momentum.

Stay tuned what Eaternity’s activities at COP21 will look like! In the meantime, you can find updates in our climate protestants Facebook Group and campaign page.