Eaternity Score

Precise assessments for your foods environmental footprint.

The Eaternity Score is built towards optimal affordability and accuracy. With the goal of an accelerated transformation of the food industry.

Product Environmental Footprint (Eaternity License)

You receive a detailed scientific sustainability metric, based on your food data. With your products’ recipes, we show you how you are doing on your way to reducing your CO₂ emissions, your water footprint and whether you are certified for animal welfare, sustainable palm oil or soja. You can print the results of the calculations with the provided The Eaternity Score on your product. The complete transparent assessment is your tool for management and marketing insights. On your request, we can publicly display the results, so consumers can access the calculation reference by scanning the product's barcode.

The calculations are based on the full lifecycle of the whole product composition. This includes the transports, seasonality, packaging as well as other important factors. With this, we provide full actionable transparency and comparability for smart consumer choices. Comparison and rating are not limited to product categories. The product is always compared with all other products on the market. Since we use a standard portion size for standardization, comparability is ensured at all times (rating normalization).

Your benefit:

  1. + Accurate CO₂‚ and environmental calculation for your product.
  2. + The Eaternity Score for printing and communication on your product.
  3. + Provision of calculation details for analysis and creation of optimized products.
  4. + App listing for transparent consumer information (optional).

3-Star Rating System

What do we calculate and how do we rate your product?

3 stars: Very good
2 stars: Good
1 star: Critical

All products with the Eaternity Score are rated by Climate Score, Water Footprint, Rainforest Score and Animal Welfare Score.

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We specify the emissions in CO₂-equivalents for the whole product.

3 stars: Is within the limits of a climate-friendly diet (50% less emissions than the average).
2 stars: Improves our carbon budget (less than the average).
1 star: Worsens our carbon budget (more than the average).


We specify the scarce water footprint in liter for the whole product.

3 stars: Very low consumption of scarce water (less than the average).
2 stars: Is within the limits of a water-saving diet (reduces our consumption by 50% on average).
1 star: Consumes more scarce water than good (30% worse than the average).

Animal Welfare

We specify which certification the product has, or if it is vegan.

3 stars: No animal based products, or only certified.
2 stars: Contains certified and non-certified animal based products.
1 star: Contains animal based products and has no animal welfare certification.


We specify which certification the product has, or if it is free from palmoil and soja. This does consider palmoil and soja used for lifestock feed.

3 stars: No critical products. Only uncritical (from non-rainforest land) or certified.
2 stars: Contains certified and critical products. Or only ceritified which do not explicitly protect from deforestation.
1 star: Contains critical products which destroy the rainforest.

What Eaternity offers

Give your consumers a sustainable choice when selecting their everyday food. Professional food producers use our solutions to create and score their products. The Eaternity Awards and 3-star ratings are based on a yearly reviewed LCA-database. It is currently the largest and most comprehensive database for carrying out environmental calculations for food products.


Use detailed scientific sustainability metrics, based on your food data. With your products’ recipes we can show you how you are doing on your way to reducing your CO₂ emissions. Your water footprint and whether you are certified for animal welfare, sustainable palmoil or soja. Results of our calculations are provided as our Eaternity Score, ready made for printing on your product packing. Make use of a complete transparent assessment, that consumers can access by scanning the products barcode with an App.

CodeCheck Partnership

We rate all products in German spoken markets on their Climate Score. Together with CodeCheck we send a clear message to all consumers that care about a sustainable food future. Give them a valuable foundation to make informed decisions.

The best benchmark for comparison

With our rating: CO₂ emissions are scored against a comparisons of all 109'000 current products listed on CodeCheck. This is also how we have calculated the average that we use for our rating system.

The smart solution for all your food products

Revolutionize the way consumers choose their products. Give them smart insights into a sustainable value chain. For the benefit of people, planet and your business.

• The environmental indicators go beyond CO₂‚ and have been carefully selected together with expert committees and consumer surveys. In this way, we can ensure that the range of 4 key indicators achieves the most impactful balance possible.
• The 3-star rating applies for all food products – across all categories – and is fair to all producers by using one methodology accounting for the size of the portions based on a comparison with over 100’000 other food products. Your products with a 3-star rating provide universal guidance towards a sustainable food future.
• Calculation details are provided to the consumer by scanning the product’s barcode with an App. Not only do we demonstrate the sustainability of the production chain, but we also make comparisons with other products in the market.
• Additionally, you benefit from the business insights of accessible and accountable calculation breakdown. Use it for monitoring, analysis and to support the creation of optimized food products.
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