Our food choices are responsible for 1/3 of man-made greenhouse gas emissions. This accounts for more than 2.7 tons of CO₂ per person per year in US and Europe. We have the potential to reduce them by at least 50%. This will reduce more carbon emissions than any technological advancement ever will. Let us all work together to have restaurants serve climate friendly meals.

You are part of the solution.

Have an impact by cooking and sharing climate friendly recipes. And talk about it. Spread the word to raise general awareness on greenhouse gas emissions related to foods.

Join the App’etite for change campaign!

The basic idea is: Everyone can do precise measurements of their footprint with our Menu CO₂ Calculator Software for FREE.

Want to join?

1. Share tasty climate-friendly recipes

by getting a FREE account for Eaternity (if you haven't done already). Select your favorite climate-friendly recipe and share it with the people you love. Try them out or even invite your family and friends for dinner. For social media you can use the hashtag #Eaternity and #Climatefriendly.

2. Serve climate-friendly meals

if you are a restaurant, caterer or event organizer, you can join as a participating restaurant. We will list you at the overview map as a participating restaurant. Use the Eaternity Awards for communication to show your guests your great engagement in serving tasty climate-friendly meals and refer back to this campaign.

3. Spread the word

by sharing information about foodprint and this campaign with as many people and restaurants you know might care. Write about it, integrate Eaternity on your homepage and state your support as a person or organization. Feel invited to get creative and make our voice heard in other ways.


Participating restaurants

25 468

Cooked climate-friendly meals

21 902

Reduced emissions of CO₂e in kg

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Why are we doing this and what is our goal?

The goal is to jointly gain public attention and relevant media coverage on how significantly food contributes to climate change - AND how it has great potential as an agent for change:

With 1/3 of all greenhouse gas emissions originating from our food consumption, a reduction by half is possible and has a significant impact. Potentially saving 5.6 Giga tons of CO₂eq worldwide per year already; an impressive figure!

More Scientific Information

This is a special step for us.

Over the last 7 years, we have gained the reputation, the scientific knowledge and have triggered behaviourial change, which make us confident, that what we are doing truly works.
Still, things do not progress fast enough to save our climate. In order to accelerate this process, we have made our decision to set our assets free - allowing everyone to use our software and create a movement on its own. This took some guts (in our whole team), but we are certain: this is just the right thing to do!

Help us to generate recipe shares and gain restaurants serving climate-friendly meals!

Do you know a restaurant (owner), who should get involved in our campaign?

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The climate-friendly label points you to the climate friendy meals in the restaurants.

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Benefits for restaurants

  • Receive attention and interesting clients
  • Position your restaurant with sustainability that makes a profit
  • The restaurant will be well received in the media, clients and guests
  • It has been shown that this key differentiation works especially well when catering for international or big companies.

A working solution

Eaternity has developed a working solution and proven a successfully the adoption of climate friendly meals for restaurants and caterings.

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