The Eaternity-Story

Eaternity is the organization developing a solution for the food industry to measure exactly and efficiently the environmental footprint of food products. To enable smart decisions for the benefit of people, planet and profit. We registered our organisation in 2014 but our story goes back to 2008. We are based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Our Goal: To create the future of our food system

We aim to provide sustainable food choices in any restaurant and food market. To do so, we are building the next generation of solutions and services for the food service industry. We streamline your food business and capture the values for today and tomorrow.

Our goal is to give everyone access to climate-friendly food. For individuals and organizations, Eaternity presents solutions to reduce your food-based environmental impact. The result: global emissions are reduced through simple and delicious measures - longterm.

At Eaternity we are convinced that we can reduce climate-threatening greenhouse gas emissions by half! This is equivalent of 1 ton of CO₂ per person per year. That's comparable to driving by car from the north cape (Norway) to Lisboa (Portugal).

Eaternity provides solutions, that are delicious, healthy and sustainable.

Professionals with a passion

Everyone who works at Eaternity interacts with customers on a daily basis. That's why we're especially careful about who we hire. Everyone in our team is genuinely passionate about protecting the planet and wants to share that passion and expertise with others. We work hard to make sure that every member of the team is given the freedom, tools, trust and support needed to carry out excellent work and develop exciting careers. That's why most of us who join Eaternity stay at Eaternity.

Manuel Klarmann

Founder & CEO

+41 77 44 66 981

Judith Ellens

Founder & Head of Science

+41 77 44 656 77

Holger Finger, PhD

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Nadine Krischker

LCA System Analyst

Cyrill Campani

LCA System Analyst

Samuel Stoll

Culinary Excellence

Jens Hinkelmann

Software Engineer

Grit Tzschichholz

LCA System Analyst

Medha Julia Pfaff

LCA System Analyst

Dariya Hadzhiyska

Senior LCA Expert

Maria Schnyder

LCA System Analyst

Jonas Amacher

LCA System Analyst

Michaela Keel

Administration & Finances

Seonghoon Choi, PhD

Software Engineer

Jasmine Lötscher

LCA System Analyst

Merlin Walters

Assistance to the Managament

+41 77 47 459 90

Yannick Schubert

Software Engineer

Nils Ulrich

LCA System Analyst

Michael Kefeder

Senior Software Engineer

Internship Offer

Client Services


How it all started


The idea for Eaternity was born in November 2008 at the ETH Zürich when Judith Ellens, Eaternity co-founder, won first prize at the ecoworks-workshop for her idea to measure and reduce the impact of food in restaurants. At that time food was widely ignored in discussions on how to reduce our footprint on the planet.


Since then, Eaternity has been working hard to bring this to the attention of key interest groups. After a year of lobbying and hard work, Eaternity launched its first project at one of the ETH canteens at the Science City campus run by SV Group. This project was the first of its kind, and the start of many more great projects to come. The CO₂-impact of all the meals offered at the canteen was calculated and the team worked together with the cooks to create and serve the first ever climate-friendly menu in a public restaurant.


After this voluntary work continued under the Eaternity Association, other project requests and media interest began to materialise. We embraced many opportunities (and still do) to reach out to numerous people by giving lectures and interviews, providing materials, organising events, setting up information booths and offering more menu calculations. Based on all these valuable experiences we incorporated (in addition to the Eaternity Association) the Eaternity AG in July 2014 and started supporting players in the restaurant industry. Providing them with the expertise and tools to turn chefs into climate heroes. Everyone restaurant can calculate a meals impact with the Eaternity Gastro now.


As we have grown our expertise, team and ambitions, we aim to make a difference for the whole food industry. Under the bold vision to "Accelerate a Sustainable Food Future", we launched the Eaternity Score in February 2019, to support food producers with the exact environmental footprint. With the support of our invaluable partners we start publishing the carbon score of almost all food products, to provide complete and definitive carbon transparency for all foods.


We are delighted to see society shifting toward a more sustainable food future and decided to reach into politics: to show everyone that it is possible to establish a carbon label and a carbon tax for foods. With our initiative AYCE, we created an NGO focusing on open source, open data, open campaigning. Hence also a non-commercial platform for calculating and publishing the environmental impact of All You Can Eat (AYCE). A proper foundation government can build on.