Eaternity is providing a working solution. We have developed and proven successfully the adoption of the Eaternity Score in over 2000 retail markets. Our impacts assessments have been provided to consumers on over 100'000 products - with promising results.

Happy clients

We have the pleasure to work together with a number of great organizations to establish sustainable foods in society. What our partners accomplish is not business as usual. Each of them is a pioneer of its own. It is our ambition to reach further out by labeling significantly bigger numbers of products. We want to truly make a difference. A positive difference on how our society organizes and lives together.

This is where it begins. Each of you can join. And together we will add up to the big picture, that will be part of the future we want to live in.


Veganz is our first project with the Eaternity Score. Together we have co-developed the initial launch of a new era for Eaternity. Veganz has put together an impressive program to make their sustainability focus heard. We are especially happy about their first choice of delicious products that kick-off this project.

Veganz views sustainable handling of their resources as part of their corporate responsibility and are committed to exploring new strategies in reducing CO₂ emissions that surpass all regulatory requirements. Jan Bredack, Founder and CEO, explains why Eaternity’s solution makes sense from a business and ethical perspective: “Sustainability and CO₂ emissions are a regular part of what our consumers want. In working with Eaternity, we hope to offer additional value to existing and prospective consumers and consequently to contribute to avoiding CO₂ emissions.”
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