The Technology Fund supports Eaternity

Eaternity AG aims to make nutrition sustainable - The Technology Fund supports the company’s intentions in granting a loan guarantee.

November 26, 2015

The Technology Fund supports Eaternity image

The managing company of the Swiss Technology Fund is pleased to announce that the Federal Office for the Environment, FOEN granted another loan guarantee to an innovative Swiss SME: Eaternity AG based in Zurich.

Eaternity’s core product is a software application for calculating carbon emissions, allergens and nutrients of meals. The company sells its restaurant management solution in a licensing model to system- and community Food Services. „We aim to expand our solution to individual gastronomy. By doing so, we are forced to develop the automation of the solution further and to shift it completely to the cloud. The loan guarantee allows us to proceed quickly“, explains Manuel Klarmann, CEO and co-founder of Eaternity AG.

„The software application which automatically assesses information about carbon emission and nutrition is the unique selling proposition of Eaternity AG. This future-oriented and innovate business model is perfectly consistent with the goals of the Technology Fund”, adds Simone Riedel Riley, General Manager of the Technology Fund.

Innovative SMEs, which are developing and marketing climate friendly technologies, can apply for a loan guarantee of up to CHF 3 million from the Technology Fund. The application form is available online at

###Technology Fund

The Technology Fund is an instrument of Swiss climate policy implemented by the Federal Office for the Environment, FOEN. The Fund grants loan guarantees to Swiss small and me- dium-sized enterprises (SME) which are developing and marketing innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to use electrical energy more efficiently, to promote renewable energy or to protect the natural resources. and

###Eaternity AG

Eaternity AG has been incorporated in 2014 but its story goes back to 2008. The idea to measure and reduce the CO₂-impact of food in restaurants has its roots back in the past, when Eaternity existed only as Association. Today’s marketed software application is a unique restaurant management solution for calculating carbon emission and indicating the healthiness of meals. It automatically assesses costs, margins, carbon emissions, environmental sustainability, allergens, nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The information based on individual ingredients can be used to design meals and to display it in declaration compliant format in restaurants.

###Emerald Technology Ventures

Emerald is a globally recognized investment firm in the areas of energy, water, advanced materials and industrial IT. Founded in 2000, the company has invested in more than 50 early-stage companies out of three venture capital funds, provides open innovation services to many multinational industrial corporations and has won mandates for three tech- nology investment programs for third parties. From offices in Zurich, Switzerland and Toronto, Canada, Emerald has managed assets of over USD 660 million to date.

###South Pole Group

South Pole Group is a well-recognized sustainability solutions and service provider. The company specializes in the design and promotion of market mechanisms to fight climate change. Its expertise includes renewable energy, forestry, agriculture and water. The company’s headquarter is located in Zurich/Switzerland, it runs 17 offices worldwide. South Pole Group has been awarded Best Project Developer by Environmental Finance in 2015 for the fifth consecutive year.

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