Eaternity offering climate friendly meals at EXPO Milan

The world expo on food on sustainability

July 2, 2015

Eaternity offering climate friendly meals at EXPO Milan image

This summer, Eaternity was present at the universal exhibition EXPO Milan 2015 that focuses on „energy for life“. Together with our partner Foodwaste Zurich we represented the city of Zurich which invited us to become part of the Swiss pavillon. Here, different players in economy, research and education presented innovative ideas, concepts and products for a sustainable, healthy and balanced diet.

During a special event with lots of invited guests, Eaternity and Foodwaste Zurich offered „Züri Geschnetzeltes“ (Zurich style veal stew), a popular Swiss menu. To raise the audience’s awareness for the climate change that is also caused by the food chain, we presented the Climate Scale. This symbolic weighing machine demonstrated the different amount of CO₂ emissions contained in a Geschnetzeltes menu cooked the traditional way compared to the climate friendly version. Our Climate Scale at EXPO Milan 2015

scale Our Climate Scale at EXPO Milan 2015

The recipe for the zero-food-waste version has been calculated by Eaternity: Instead of using the regular ingredients, we recommended using regional and organic ones, also meat-less menus do have a better CO₂ emission rate. So the climate friendly Zurich Geschnetzeltes was plant-based. Freshly cooked Swiss menu „Züri Geschnetzeltes“, zero-food-waste version.

menu Freshly cooked Swiss menu ‘Züri Geschnetzeltes’, zero-food-waste version.

The event has been a full success - everybody loved our zero-food-waste menu… Come around and taste: We might come back to EXPO this fall. We’ll keep you posted!

Here you can find some impressions of our market at EXPO Milan (video, Italian).