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Best for chefs, climate-heros, workshops and individuals.
650 fixed ingredients
50 recipes
1 user
Best for a restaurant team and multi-users. Includes monthly reports and API access.
Unlimited ingredients**
Unlimited recipes
10 users
1 team weekplan overview
The plan for multi-unit corporates.
All features included***
Unlimited users
Direct & hands on support
Write us if you need support to afford a personal license.
*A team / unit license is
limited to 500 guests / day
(2 licenses = 1000 guests / day, etc.).
**Per license we can add up to 15 new individual ingredients (SKUs) for you each month. While 500 SKUs are included for the initial setup.
Additional SKUs beyond what is covered with your licenses are charged once with 6 € per item in packages of 500.
***All features as in the PROFESSIONAL plan.
The price does not contain value added tax.
3-year contract for € 5999.

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Access our communication package, infographics, recipes and use our materials.


Daily accurate CO₂, health and environmental statistics for every meal served at your food service establishment.

All-inclusive reports with insightful illustrations to support you in taking targeted action in improve the performance of your restaurant.

Menu Awards for your marketing purposes and promotion of your sustainable restaurant to your clientele.

Professional Services

Hands on management, marketing and communication support for a successful roll-out.

An API that connects to your existing infrastructure to provide you with the highest accuracy of all the services offered in our professional subscription.

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