We are not alone when it comes to the challenge of a sustainable food future. There are many great people and organizations that have put their trust in society and worked with us to build a unique and scalable solution. Without their support we wouldn’t be where we are.

We are not a charitable organization. We believe in the power of business. Business can and should be a force for good. We are not driven to generate maximum profit at all costs, but to generate maximum impact on society by being profitable. We strongly believe in the transformative and catalytic power of a socially-focused business. Some call it "Benefit Corporation", "Social Entrepreneurship", or being a "Change Maker". We think of it as running a business that aims to create benefits for the whole of society instead of a privileged few. This is ambitious but we are confident that together we can achieve great things. We think collaboration is the key to maximizing impact. Let’s discuss how we can do this together. Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Foodservice Partners


CF Gastro, one of the leading providers in the wholesale delivery business in the food service sector, with a particular focus on fresh and ultra-fresh food, is setting a new industry standard for sustainability and transparency. In cooperation with the Swiss Eaternity Institute, CF Gastro is introducing a score that shows the CO₂ footprint and water consumption, rainforest clearing and animal welfare impacts on its own products.

"Finally, our customers have the opportunity to know the real resource consumption of our products. This way, we openly and critically deal with our business, in order to make important parameters analyzable and to develop optimization potentials. Directly, for all the products we supply, and without detours. For me this is a huge step forward within our industry, which is in great need of transparency and more sustainability. We want to be one of the first suppliers in the market, not only in terms of regionality, but also as a pioneer in the area of evaluable environmental footprint," says Marcel Freise, Managing Director of CF Gastro.

The consent of the customer is always required in advance before the environmental calculations are made. In a monthly report, the environmental balance of all purchased CF Gastro goods is drawn up. Furthermore, each delivery note shows the customer which products contribute most to sustainable procurement and nutrition.

Furthermore, as a "bonus", the customer has access to the Eaternity App, in which the calculation bases of the purchased CF Gastro products can be viewed and is illustrated in detail. Further offers in the use of the App are available.

Learn more at www.cfgastro.de

Saviva AG

Saviva is an innovative partner for business clients in the catering, hotel, retail and healthcare sectors. Their range of products and services facilitates your daily work routine and ranges from a wide selection of food and non-food articles to a variety of logistics services.

As a partner, Eaternity provides Saviva customers with reports, the Eaternity App and calculated products.

Learn more at www.saviva-blog.ch

Software Partners


You can use Pauli's Kitchen Solution to cover the need of restaurant businesses of all sizes. From simple recipe management to complex catering processes. With the new export function your recipes can be calculated directly with Eaternity.

Learn more at www.optisoft.ch


Together with Delegate, we enable every restaurant to have CO₂ transparency integrated in their existing business processes. Work on your menu-planning, we do the rest. Via a web service interface, Delegate receives the calculations of CO₂ values of all recipes per business unit based on the ingredients, taking into account purchase behavior based on delivery notes. Moreover, Eaternity provides a monthly report for the business units.

The interface is available as an optional license with delegate version 11.20 and later.

Learn more at www.delegate-group.com

Herrlich & Ramuschkat - cloudMenu

Founded in 1990 as a consulting company in Hannover, Herrlich & Ramuschkat GmbH is today an international software vendor and service provider. The company, managed by the founders and owners, serves the European catering industry with the management and ordering system MBS5.

"A guiding principle in the development of cloudMenu is the responsible and sustainable use of resources". emphasises Essing. In addition to the use of goods and the contribution margin, other user-relevant targets can be measured and visualised, e.g.: the reduction of CO₂ emissions, the share of organic products in total purchasing and the share of regional sources of supply. The corresponding information is displayed both during menu planning and purchasing and helps users to consider these qualitative aspects when working with the software.

The qualitative goals can be anchored directly in the menu plans in the form of rules and limits, just like for commercial key figures. In this way, only dishes fitting into the climate-friendly menu line are suggested to the user.

Learn more at www.cloudmenu.de

Enggist & Grandjean Software - Calcmenu

CALCMENU is also an award-winning recipe application that features multiple language translations of merchandise, recipes or menus, multiple currencies, and multiple sets of prices. Special versions of CALCMENU allow menu planning and forecasting and handling of composition label with ingredient, allergens, and other information.

This programme is aimed at the needs of catering professionals, whether you own a restaurant, hotel, catering company or airline. It is particularly useful for those who manage several branches across the country or around the world, or for recipe content providers who publish recipes on the Internet.

Learn more at www.eg-software.com

Procare Management

Pro Care Management provides competent, personal advice and software solutions for efficient food purchasing. Combining environmental impact statements with modern production planning.

Learn more at www.procaremanagement.de

Qnips GmbH

In cooperation with Eaternity, qnips offers a simple solution for the integration of environment and climate indicators in digital menus. For example, dishes with species-appropriate animal farming, which is based on the natural living conditions of the respective animals, can be marked with an appropriate label in the menu. Your guests can thus see at first glance with which menus they are contributing to more environmental sustainability. In addition to animal farming, other indicators such as deforestation, water or CO₂ footprint can of course be taken into account.

Learn more at www.qnips.io

NGO Partner


Calculate the CO₂ emissions of your food quickly and easily with the KlimaTeller App on your desktop or tablet: you enter the ingredients and their quantity and receive information in real time on how much emissions the dish causes. The App and calculations are provided by Eaternity.

Learn more at www.klimateller.de