Partners and Supporters

We are not alone when it comes to the challenge of a sustainable food future. There are many great people and organizations that have put their trust in society and worked with us to build a unique and scalable solution. Without their support we wouldn’t be where we are.

We are not a charitable organization. We believe in the power of business. Business can and should be a force for good. We are not driven to generate maximum profit at all costs, but to generate maximum impact on society by being profitable. We strongly believe in the transformative and catalytic power of a socially-focused business. Some call it "Benefit Corporation", "Social Entrepreneurship", or being a "Change Maker". We think of it as running a business that aims to create benefits for the whole of society instead of a privileged few. This is ambitious but we are confident that together we can achieve great things. We think collaboration is the key to maximizing impact. Let’s discuss how we can do this together.

Contact us, we’d love to hear from you.