What Eaternity offers

We have developed innovative software for private and professional use. It is based on an easy to understand and yearly reviewed LCA-database. This is currently the largest and most comprehensive database for carrying out environmental calculations for menus. With Eaternity, we offer everyone the opportunity to make a sustainable choice when selecting their everyday food.

We will provide you with detailed scientific sustainability metrics, based on the food data available to us. Given recipes, food purchase receipts, supply statistics, etc. – we can tell you where your are to reduce CO₂ emissions, your water footprint or approach a minimal risk diet for better health. Results of our calculations are provided in real-time over our API, or via nicely illustrated monthly PDF reports.

Eaternity Report

Your customer trust in your services. Show them you care about climate-friendly cuisine. In a monthly report we will inform you on the progress of your restaurants.

Carbon emissions are calculated dynamically in real time, including statistics of imports, transportation distances, and seasonalities.

Eaternity Awards

Label your climate-friendly menu choices with the «Eaternity Awards» – the first footprint award for meals worldwide. Send a clear message to your guests that you care about our impact on the environment. Give them a valuable foundation to make informed decisions.

With our 1 to 5 rating illustration: health, CO₂ emissions and other environmental impacts are scored against a comparisons of all recipes.

Eaternity API

In case you already have a working system like Microsoft Dynamics or SAP, our RESTful API provides you with a direct connection to exchange informations. With an innovative automatic ingredient matching tool, all customer and supplier data is fitted seamlessly into our database. We can deliver all information on the spot. Everything is setup ready for an integration into your system. Check docs.eaternity.apiary.io and join our EDB API Slack Channel if you want first hand contact with our developers.

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We are developing an exciting and impactful software application for restaurants. It will revolutionize the way you work in the kitchen by giving you smart insights into your supply chain that benefit people, planet and profit.