Innovate4Climate rocks!

Eaternity gewinnt Stage 2 Unterstützung von Climate-KIC.

October 19, 2013

Innovate4Climate rocks! image

Es war uns schon immer eine grosse Freude Teil der Climate Knowledge and Innovation Community (kurz: Climate-KIC) zu sein. Jetzt sogar mit einer zusätzlichen offiziellen Urkunde als Stage 2 Start-Up. Mit grosser Freude ein herzliches Dankeschön.

Mit dabei, durften die folgenden Start-Ups Pitchen - und hatten die Chance auf 20’000 CHF Projektförderung: Anerdgy, Captain Plant, Organic Standard, ReWinner, SmargeTech.

Feedback gab es von der prominenten Jury natürlich auch - wie nehmen Sie uns zu Herzen:


Your will to work on low budget and your high motivation are very impressive!
Positive development, the market is difficult and the demand from system gastronomy exists
Your data is recognized and used!


Biggest barrier was the past, when you sold yourselves too cheap (the coaching in negotiations sold out)
You need a pilot with a big customer

Keep going:

Communicate to the end-user: explain the different numbers concerning climate impact of e.g.  a NZ-apple or local apple
Spread the idea also to “normal” restaurants, not only in the system gastronomy
Move beyond the Swiss market
Get a big partner such as Migros! The name matters more than the prize in the first year. 

Watch Out!:

System gastronomy is all about costs, don’t get pushed down & focus on improving negotiations
Choose one path so that this idea has a fast break through