Eaternity Forecast

Menu sales forecasting for restaurants.


1/5 of all menus produced is lost as food waste due to overproduction.
Menu planning is of key importance for a successful foodservice operation. Inefficient menu planning results in


Food Waste
Leads to ecological and economic loss.


Sold Out
Leads to unsatisfied customers
and loss of potential turnover.

How much is 1/5?

If your restaurant is serving 80 menus (450 g) a day, is open 51 weeks (7 days) a year and is spending 5 € per kg of food purchase
Your saving potential, each year 9.180
Your saving potential, each year 4.567.741 kg
Your saving potential, each year 107.402 l
Start Saving Now
We share with you the tool to execute
the most efficient way to plan menus that
create less food waste and increase turnover.

The AI for super
human chefs,
Eaternity Forecast.

How can AI for super human chefs help you?


You can't predict anything perfectly, however together with our Eaternity forecast you can reduce prediction errors from 31 to 23 menus.
The typical prediction error for most cases is between 18 and 23. Whereas for humans, the comparison is between 18 and 37.
31 Menus
Eaternity Forecast
23 Menus
25% Better!
Prediction Performance for 100 menus
Average Performance
Best Case Performance
37% (13 Menus)
Potential for Improvement (%)

You might hit
a jackpot.

When you work with our Eaternity forecast, it helps you plan 25% better on average and as much as 37% better in 1 in 5 restaurants.
That's 13 per 100 menus less misplanning at every 5th restaurant.

how it works

Artificial Neural Networks.

Through sophisticated modeling of purchase behaviors and the personal choices preferences of your guests, we teach a digital brain on historic recipe and sales data that are statistically super human.
The network is better in predicting your ingredient purchases and menu selection for the coming days, than a human does.
Neural networks are a fascinating piece of software technology, that is modeled after the human brain. You feed it with historic information of the problem together with the solution. And task it to be able to find the solution on its own, when presented with new problems of the same kind.
For example we provide many recipes as well as how popular they were in the restaurant. After the training the network is able to predict the popularity of recipes that it did not know before.
The challenge in designing a neural network is to classify the right problems to solve. And tune the networks parameters precisely so that this generalization works well.
The artificial neural network is capable to remember millions of menus and their characteristic properties to calculate on the fly
General popularity of a menu
Distribution of menu choices within one day
Total menu sales per restaurant
Environmental effects (weather, holidays, ...)

Combining all information
into a forecast.

Total sales per day.
Including confidence interval with 90% accuracy.
Sales per menu.
Including confidence interval with 90%.


We do understand that it might not be the best fit for every restaurant right now. Hence we provide you some sneak peak into what we would love to collaborate with you on, to make the algorithm even better.
Food waste management integration - Fully automated food waste measurements using AI image recognition. Capture your food waste seamlessly, objectively and completely to reduce it based on the insights gained. In combination with prediction, this results in the unique opportunity to close the food loop for the first time, i.e. both systems balance each other and allow to reduce losses to the absolute minimum.
Integration with your sales data directly from the cash register system.
Recipe Suggestions
You will get insights what menu has the best ratio of margin and sales. Also we will be able to recommend, what ingredient will work best to improve the recipes performance.
Optimisation towards margins
Weighting the profit margins(purchase vs. selling price)
Measurement of the costs
Costs of loss of good throughusage of pricing data (e.g. of delivery menus or sold menus): helps you figure out how much money is lost through food-waste.
Event-Feedback interactions
You can enter manually information on holidays, events, etc.
You can manually mark sold out menus. This helps the algorithm to learn.
Would you like to suggest
a new feature?
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Setup Requirements
Proper collection of actual sales numbers: at best directly through connecting your Point of Sales system with your Food Management System. But also possible through manual registration.
A team, that is willing to work alongside with the algorithm.
(Optional) Historic planning and sales data to evaluate the performance of the algorithm before you start using it.

Eaternity Forecast integrates seamlessly with the Software you already use.

Eaternity Forecast is a Feature that you can use by selecting one of these Software Partners
necta the enterprise resource planning system: comprehensive - consistent - online
Merchandise management for care, catering, gastronomy, clinics and production companies. Supplier-independent purchasing to production planning. Own menu ordering system. Assessments of CO2 footprint, animal welfare, water consumption, degree of rainforest destruction and forecast via interface to Eaternity.

Pricing and Performance.

on request
a fair price
Restaurant & Month
(restaurants with up to 500 servings/ day and or procurement costs < EUR 250K/year)
Basic menu Sales Forecasting
Total sales
Sales per menu
A minimum and maximal number of forecasted menus (90% confidence interval)
Your Benefits
More financial bottomline through less food-waste. Save on average 30’000€ on food
Happier Guests, as you will be able serve more of what your guests want
Leading edge innovation as a story
Feel Good. You are doing something great for the environment (less CO2- emissions, water) and for the people (ethical aspect of food-waste).
Future features as they become available
Improve your menu planning Results
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